SaaS Product Dashboard

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SaaS Product Dashboard


Set your product up to succeed with the ultimate SaaS product dashboard. Whether you're starting a side project or a fully fledged business, this template ensures you do it properly.


Product Basics

  • Define the problem and how you're solving it

  • Define your target market

  • Create an elevator pitch & in depth product explanation


  • Track competitor research

  • Conduct market research


  • Create a product roadmap

  • Track what needs to be & has been built

  • Track user feedback


  • Social post calendar

  • Keyword manager

  • Blog post manager

  • Landing page manager

About me

I'm Rhys, a product designer from the UK. I've got 4 years industry experience which I've used to create this dashboard. Currently, I'm building https://usewippy.com, a tool to help product teams work & collaborate efficiently. I'm building in public over on https://twitter.com/rhyswebber01

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